Your Partner on the Journey to Greater Confidence, Energy, and Joy

Hi! I'm Melinda Delisle

Empathetic nutritionist. Maternal health change maker. Solutions Architect. Truth Seeker. Travel and dragon-lover.

Nice to “meet” you!

I am on a mission to help peoples be healthier, more energetic, and joyful – in ways that work for them on their terms. Everyone is different, so your needs, desires, and style deserve to be respected.

I work with people who feel overwhelmed, anxious, or want to throw in the towel to nurture more energy, confidence, and joy in their lives, while feeling like they are getting acquainted with a long-lost friend.

How May I Help You?

Here are some ways we could work together. Contact me to learn more about these options or discuss which may be the best fit for you.


Personal Nutrition & Lifestyle Consulting

This is the most customized experience. Like a detective, I look at your health history, situation, and everything your body is telling us about your health to find what areas are crying out for more support. We then work together to devise a plan that will both meet these needs and your life situation. All packages include follow-up sessions to help you implement your plan for lasting improvements in health, energy, and happiness.


Supportive & Life-Changing Group Experiences

A supportive community improves our health, helps us create lasting change, and brings us more fun and enjoyment! I create group programs that combine evidence-based tools and techniques with innovative systems to help you shift those stuck areas of your life. Group programs support all areas of a healthy and happy life, including nutrition, movement, relaxation/rejuvenation (mental & emotional health), social support systems, and belief systems.


Speaking Engagements & Research Collaboration

If you would like to discuss having me present a topic to your organization or other group, or possible collaboration on a research project (improving maternal health and reducing pregnancy complications are my areas of focus), please reach out!

My Gift to You - Tools for Improving Emotional Resilience

Life is hard sometimes. And sometimes it feels like life is ONLY hard.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, out of control, or frequently stuck in self-judgement or emotional outbursts, I see you. I used to experience a lot of that, too – far more than I really want to admit. I was able to shift those patterns with a combination of good nutrition and emotional self-nurturing. I want to give you two simple tools to support you in developing greater emotional resilience:

Emotional First Aid Process
Healthy Eating Plate

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