About Melinda Delisle, MS, LCCE

Hey there! I’m Melinda Delisle. Nice to virtually meet you!

I work with people who feel overwhelmed, anxious, or want to throw in the towel (with their health or emotionally) to nurture more energy, confidence, and joy in their lives, all while feeling like they are getting acquainted with a long-lost friend.

I love it when clients tell me they are feeling better than ever, and that it didn’t feel overwhelming to get where they are now. I also love it when my clients are able to give themselves a bit of grace when they don’t do things perfectly.  Helping people to feel healthier, have more energy, and also feel like they are able to love themselves a bit more like that makes me glow inside.

If you want to turn your health around so you can feel better and have more energy, and are looking for guidance from a supportive, nurturing expert, I’d love to work with you, too!

I enjoy putting the knowledge I gained earning my MS in Human Nutrition to work helping others. This year (2024), I will also be completing my CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) and will be able to help people in additional states.

Why Nutrition *and* Mental/Emotional Health?

To respond to this, I could give you the scientific answer about how much stress impacts our bodies, cite the research on mindfulness and improved health, discuss the biochemistry of how high cortisol (stress hormone) wreaks havoc in our bodies and making healing difficult, and throw in some data about how people who have experienced a lot of childhood trauma are at a much higher risk of chronic diseases. All which is true.

But the real answer about why BOTH are so important to me concerns my own journey. 

I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and emotional dysregulation. Nothing was diagnosed and I was “high-functioning” for decades. Eventually, I reached a part of my life when I had to do something. I found that a combination of therapy, emotional management techniques, self-love, and finding the right nutrition and lifestyle habits for myself were key to becoming happier.

When clients share with me about their struggles with mental or emotional health, I get it. I may not have had the same issue, but I understand what it’s like to feel like you can’t cope, to feel alone, to feel like nothing will ever change. I have empathy for you not only because I’m an empath (I’m frequently told that I am), but because I have been to those depths and come back out again.

On the "Life" Side of Work-Life Balance...

When I’m not working with clients, developing new programs, or binge-watching PubMed (Yeah, really! I’m *that* much of a nerd), I have hobbies, too! You might find me…

  • Exploring parts of the natural world by hiking, kayaking, or just hanging out.
  • Reading, journaling, or exploring my own personal development in other ways.
  • Having deep conversations with people about life, the universe, and everything. 😉

If you’re really into knowing people’s whole life stories and just have to know more, here are 3 things most people don’t know about me (at least, not until I posted them publicly on the internet 😂)…

  • I enjoy dressing in cosplay for some activities, like volunteering.
  • My favorite game is Blood on the Clocktower (a logic-based social deception game).
  • I’m testing out living as a digital nomad, at least intermittently. 😉 I do still spend a significant amount of time in the Atlanta area because my sons and friends are here.

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Thanks for learning a bit more about me! I hope to someday be able to support you and learn more about you, too.

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