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You’re in the right place! I specialize in helping people  improve their nutrition, lifestyle, and self-compassion and I’d love to help you find a new level of energy and joy in your life.

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Optimizing Nutrition & Lifestyle - 1-1 Consulting

Wouldn’t it be nice if our bodies and minds came with an instruction manual? Our parents tried to teach us, but they often had their own issues, or just didn’t know. Even if our parents did an awesome job, science has come a LOOONG way in the last few decades. We know a lot more now (and more every day!) about how the body works, and how to help each of us function as best we can. 

Working with me as a nutritionist is about you, your bioindividuality, and your emotional state, and how everything goes together to help you be able to live your best life.

This is ideal for people who:

  • Feel stressed or emotionally overwhelmed, and wonder if their health and stress might be making each other worse.
  • Have some health issues that don’t seem to really get better, though they have tried a few different approaches or lots of supplements.
  • Want emotional understanding and support, not just a checklist of to-dos and feeling judged when they don’t make all the changes right away.

You can see more details of Optimizing Health Package here. 
To get started, let’s talk to see if this might be a good fit. Set up a time to chat with me using the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I work with people who are focused on improving their health and vitality. I often help people with:

  • Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or other blood sugar regulation issues,
  • PCOS,
  • Cardiovascular issues,
  • Mental/emotional health challenges,
  • Food and environmental sensitivities,
  • Special dietary restrictions, such as vegetarianism or celiac/gluten sensitivity,
  • Fertility and pre-pregnancy preparation,
  • Pregnancy (see more about this on )
  • Postpartum recovery,
  • And more.

Weight loss is not my specialty, and I prefer not to focus on it as the primary goal. I believe that focus primarily on weight is unhealthy for many people and can contribute to poor mental health. I have what is sometimes called a “weight neutral” stance.

I prefer to focus on health and supporting overall body function. Often, this will result in weight loss, but even when it doesn’t, there are benefits in risk reduction, better health, and improved energy. If a client decides to shift to focus more on weight later, we can do that. I try to support my clients’ needs and wishes.

If losing weight is your primary goal and that is important to you, I can help you find a nutritionist with more focus in that area.

I can currently work with residents of these states: AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, GA, HI, ID, IN, NH, NY, OR, PA, TX.
Because of state laws governing the practice of nutrition, at this time, I may not be able to work with people living in states not listed above. Laws do change, and some states grant licenses that I have not yet pursued, so if your state is not listed and you want to work with me, reach out and ask!

I am not a doctor, and can not function as anyone’s primary healthcare provider. My specialty is nutrition, which is a great support for other health care professions.

As a nutritionist, I am happy to coordinate care with any of my clients’ other providers, including your PCP or any specialists.

My specialty is nutrition – I am not a therapist. I bring a lot of stress management techniques and self-compassion practices into my work with clients because stress has such an impact on our health and these practices have helped me immensely. This is not therapy, however.

If you have concerns about your mental/emotional health, I strongly encourage you to consult a mental health professional. I am happy to coordinate care with any of my clients’ other providers, including mental health care professionals.

I am sorry, I do not take insurance at this time. I do offer payment plan options on packages to help spread out the cost.

Yes. I do support men in their physical and emotional health as well. We can discuss this more in your free consultation chat.

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